Ingredients: (for the dough) 2 cups Beliá Premium Olive Oil, 1 cup sugar, ½ cup fresh orange juice, ½ cup cognac, 1½ tsp ground cinnamon, ½ tsp ground clove, zest from 2 oranges, ½ tsp baking soda (dissolved in the orange juice), 6-7 cups all purpose flour, 2 tsp baking powder
Ingredients: (for the syrup) 2 cups water, 2 cups sugar, 2 cups honey, ½ orange or lemon unwaxed (whole not only the juice)

Prepare syrup first. Boil all ingredients for 5'. Once the mix starts to simmer, remove the  froth with a spoon. It is important to let the syrup cool entirely.  
In a blender mix all liquids with the sugar and cinnamon/clove powders. Add little by little the flour. Let the mix rest for about ½ hour and then make small balls (in a spoon shape). Gently pat them down with your palm (not flat though). Or simple use an almond shape cookie cutter. Mark the edges with a fork.
Bake in an oven tray for 20' at 180°C (air) until light brown. Take out of the oven and immediately poor the cool syrup over all the melomakárona. This way all syrup will be absorbed by the dough. Flip them over after 20'-30' minutes.
Optionally you can decorate them well crushed walnuts.