Stuffed tomatoes and peppers (Gemistá)

Ingredients: 6 green (or the colour of your choice) bell peppers, medium size / 6 firm medium size tomatoes / 3 potatoes (cut in chunks) / 12-14 tbsp Carolina rice (you roughly calculate a tbsp of rice for each vegetable you are cooking) / some rougly chopped parsley / Beliá Premium Olive Oil / 1 cup tomato sauce / salt,pepper
Start by cutting the top off the tomatoes and peppers. Be careful not to cut off entirely, leave a small part still connected. Scoop out the pulp of the tomatoes and the seeds of the peppers. Keep aside the pulp of the tomatoes, we will use them later on.
Mix rice, parsley, olive oil, tomato sauce.
Open carefully each cup, rinse with a pinch of salt the inside and then fill it with the stuffing. You want to fill approximately only up to 2/3 of the way because rice will expand when cooked. Before closing the cap, add another pinch of salt and pepper and rinse the stuffing with 1 tsp of olive oil additionally. Now you can close the cap.
Place tomatoes and peppers in a large oven tray. Add the potatoes. Spread over them the tomato pulp (which you have already passed through a fine shredder) and rinse with some more olive oil.
Fill the bottom of the tray with water, only enough to cover it.
Place in the oven (180°C) for about 1½ hour. During that time and as soon you see the tomatoes and peppers go brownish, using a spoon and a fork carefully turn upside down the tomatoes and lie to the side the peppers. Also keep an eye on the water, if you see it has evaporated before cooking time is over, fill in some more warm water.
Traditionally in Greece, stuffed tomatoes and peppers are being served with some nice Greek yogurt on the side.