Okra with chicken

Ingredients: 1 chicken cut into pieces or 4-5 chicken thighs / approximately 1 kg of fresh or frozen okra / 1 large onion, processed / 3 cloves of garlic, finely chopped / 2 large red tomatoes, processed / 250 ml Beliá Premium olive oil / ⅓ cup vinegar of your choice (or mix of vinegars you have at home) / 1 tsp of sugar / salt,pepper
For this super delicious traditional Greek recipe, you want to use a casserole pot. If you don’t have one, use the oven’s tray and cover it with aluminum foil.
Place into the pot all ingredients (except chicken) and mix well with your hands. Place seasoned (with salt) chicken parts in between the okra and season all ingredients with pepper. Add ¾ of a cup water and make sure it goes everywhere.
Close the lid and put in the oven (180°C) for 1 hour. After this hour take the lid off (or aluminum foil if you use the oven’s tray) and continue cooking for approximately one more hour until chicken is done. If necessary flip over chicken parts.
Let it cool a while and then serve. A nice Greek feta cheese, sprinkled with Beliá Premium olive oil and dried oregano, goes well with this dish. Enjoy!!