Our «green gold»

Beliá (pronounced [Bel-ay-á]) is a composite word. It stands for, B (initial letter of the word Biologiki, the Greek word for organic) and eliá (the Greek word for the olive fruit). B-eliá.

 Our extra virgin olive oil is extracted only from the Koroneiki variety olive tree. This is because, despite its very low yield, it is one of the very few varieties (if not the only one) which will keep its aroma unaltered from day one of extraction till the last day of the bottle’s shelf-life (*). So you can savour all of it, till the last drop.

We handpick our olives at the right time, usually late October - early November, just as they start turning purplish. The gathered olives are being transferred within few hours to the two-phase olive mill and cold-pressed immediately, never exceeding a temperature of 25°C while doing this. This way, we keep the acidity percentage very low (almost always <0,3%) but most important our olive oil retains all its natural chemical elements, the precious phenols, that make it so nutritious and beneficial for human health.

The result of the above CONSTANTLY gives us an exquisite product which we are so proud of.

(*) in order to preserve all its beneficial characteristics, olive oil must be stored in a cool, dark place.