Apart from the low acidity of our olive oil, we are mostly proud for its fine aroma and its balanced bitter & pungent taste. All these attributes separate us from most of our competition. And for which we are being awarded every year since 2012, in international olive oil competitions.
Besides the aroma and taste awards, our Beliá Premium Olive Oil, has a very high concentration of polyphenols. Awarded many times by the Kapodistrian University of Athens for its' high polyphenol content, it has the right to bear EU's health claim according to regulation 432/2012. Our higher than average polyphenol content is due to two reasons:

1) Early harvest. The accumulation of polyphenols in the olive fruit occurs earlier than the oil buildup.
2) Our olive grove is rain-fed. This means that it has mild water stress, which in return, results in an increase in polyphenols.

The above, apart from the obvious (that we produce a very good olive oil), also state consistency. We consistently produce a very good olive oil.